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The guide to dental implants in Grantham

You’ve finally decided to do something about that tooth you lost, but you’re not sure what options are available to you and how invasive the procedures might be. Don’t worry. We can help provide you with a single replacement tooth, a full row of teeth, or even an entire set of dentures that will look natural and remain permanently in place, giving you the confidence to smile spontaneously again.

Gone are the days when removable dentures were the norm. These days, the only thing you’ll keep in a glass beside your bed, is your drinking water! This is because dental implants are such a useful and valuable development in dental technology. Tooth implants from our Grantham surgery, are single replacement teeth that are anchored firmly into the jaw.

Dental implants consist of a titanium root, which is fused onto the jaw bone, and a crown modelled on your original tooth, screwed into the top of it. They are strong and effective. A whole bridge of natural-looking crowns can be secured into your mouth using just one dental implant at either end, making it unnecessary for each missing tooth to be replaced in an invasive way via single dental implants. This keeps the costs, dental procedure time and the potential for problems occurring, at an absolute minimum.


The benefits of dental implants from our Grantham dental practice

Dental implants look like natural teeth. They are cleaned in the same way and, once you get used to how they feel, you’ll cease to be aware of them. They will help you speak more clearly and eat with more ease. Perhaps most importantly of all, they’ll help you feel better about your appearance. Your friends are unlikely to notice that your tooth implant is not a genuine tooth. They’ll do the job, your original teeth did, but they’ll do it better than traditional dentures.

They won’t fall out at unexpected times, they won’t make strange noises as you struggle with the suction required to keep them in place and on top of all of that, they’ll prevent your face from ageing prematurely! It’s true!

In order to remain in tact, a jawbone must be stimulated by the roots of your teeth. If the root of your tooth is no longer there, then the jawbone will begin to atrophy, leading to a loss of facial structure and a ‘caved in look’. The root of a dental implant from our Grantham clinic will mimic the job of the natural tooth root. It will stimulate the jawbone to maintain its quality, keeping you looking younger for longer!

If you’re interested in getting a tooth implant, please give us a call to book your first consultation with us. When we examine your mouth, we’ll be able to give you a better idea of how invasive the procedure will be, whether any preliminary bone grafting will be required, as well as how you’ll look with the implant in place. We work with every patient on an individual basis, so if you fancy making your smile more attractive, why not come in and find out how that’s done?

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