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Patient Care in an Emergency

The team at Sleaford Smile Centre have just completed their annual Medical Emergencies training. All dental practices complete this training. We choose to conduct our training at the practice. What this means for the patient is that in the event of a medical emergency, we have practiced ‘role play’ scenarios with our own kit, resulting in a calm familiarity in any situation as it may unfold. We do hope that we do not have to use these skills however are prepared should a need arise.

The initial presentation is delivered by an extremely knowledgeable paramedic. Followed by role plays for; heart attacks, diabetes, stroke or asthma attack. They definitely get the staff’s adrenaline flowing! So enjoy our images giving you a taste of our day and feel reassured in the knowledge that should anything occur on your visit to the dentist the immediate team are trained to deal with it.20170302_123409 IMG-20170302-WA0017 IMG-20170302-WA0018 IMG-20170302-WA0019

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