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ICON White Spot Treatment

White spots, patches, or a mottled appearance on teeth are a very common occurrence. There are many reasons why this could occur, including;

  • Childhood trauma – If you suffer a bump to your teeth during this crucial development time it can then appear as a white spot.
  • High intake of fluoride – A condition called ‘fluorosis’ develops if you ingest too much fluoride while the teeth are still forming. This appears as white spots.
  • Orthodontics – If you have braces to straighten you teeth you then need to be very vigilant with your cleaning regime. If you struggle to learn how to efficiently clean your teeth around the braces then this can cause white spots or a mottled appearance.
  • Poor oral hygiene – If you don’t brush and floss regularly, plaque build up will contribute to white spots. White spots can also be an early indication of decay.


Many people believe that white spots are actually staining and can be removed with whitening treatments. This isn’t the case, and the spots will appear a different colour even after whitening. In the past it has always been fairly difficult to remedy this without invasive and costly treatment, which would include drilling healthy tooth. Now it is possible to eradicate these white patches quickly and easily using ICON white spot treatment. Would you like to treat your white spots without the need for drilling or needles?


                                                            an example of what can be achieved using the ICON system



The Process

ICON reduces the appearance of white spots without the need for drilling of healthy tooth, but how does it work? Firstly, a special gel is applied to the tooth’s surface to open up the pores. This enables us to then apply a tooth coloured resin, which infiltrates the pores of the tooth. We then light cure the resin and the white spot takes on the appearance on healthy enamel. As an added bonus the resin protects the tooth from the attack of acids, and helps to prevent decay.




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