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“How to keep my teeth white” especially after teeth whitening!

It’s almost National Drinking Wine Day (Tuesday 18th Feb), and we’re not about to be party poopers! Take our advice below on how to prevent staining but above all just remember the adage ‘everything in moderation’. The key thing to consider is timings. Drinking wine with a meal is much less likely to stain than drinking it on it’s own. That goes for coffee, tea, fizzy drinks and juice too.

Teeth whitening is a great treatment that makes your smile appear more youthful, healthy, and attractive, especially when you maintain your results. At Sleaford Smiles in Lincolnshire, we believe in beautiful teeth and beautiful smiles for all, but we also believe in equipping you with the knowledge you need to maintain your results for yourself. This is why we think it’s important that you’re aware of the different factors that can affect the longevity of your teeth whitening results. Teeth whitening results are brilliant and very effective, as long as you look after them properly…

Avoid citrus fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes develop staining on your teeth that will taint your teeth whitening results. These fruits contain a lot of acid that can have detrimental effects on your teeth’s whiteness and could even erode some of your protective enamel. They erode this barrier to reveal the naturally yellow dentin beneath the surface, resulting in smiles that are tinged brownish and dull.

Cut down on tea and coffee

The nation’s favourite drinks, tea and coffee, can be detrimental to your teeth whitening results if you don’t cut back consumption! This is because they contain tannins, a brownish substance found in fruit skins and leaves, which are highly pigmented and stain the teeth. This means that the stronger you have your tea or coffee, the more concentrated their staining potentials are. Coffee can dry your mouth too, increasing the sticking power of the tannins’ pigment.

Red and white wine will affect teeth whitening results

Like tea and coffee, red and white wine also contain these damaging tannins, which give the wine it’s colouring and heady flavours. Red wine’s richness isn’t kind to our teething whitening results, and it also dries the mouth. This further encourages the pigment to latch onto our tooth surfaces, so drink some water or rinse you mouth after a nice glass of wine to stop it sticking. White wine has the highest acidic concentration of the two, which means it will attack our protective enamel just as citrus fruits do, revealing the yellow dentin beneath.

Curry contains strong pigments

Curry, one of the nation’s favourite foods, is extremely bad for your teeth whitening results. The spices that give curry its flavour and beautiful colouring will leave behind rather vibrant stains on your teeth. The rich dyes can prove tough stains to remove, especially when complex and artificially formulated.

Don’t snack

If you can’t say goodbye to these guilty pleasures, then try not to snack on them too much. Try to eat and drink them in one go rather than picking and snacking. This gives the harmful acids, sugars, and tannins less exposure to your teeth rather than giving them a constant ‘top-up’ from snacking. The longer you nibble or sip, the longer your teeth are exposed to the constant drip-feeding of staining capabilities. Wash your mouth round with water to dilute any acid and knock loose any food debris to limit the presence of these pigments.

Always keep up with attentive cleaning

We recommend cutting back on these harmful foods and drinks, but the best way to maintain your results is through daily and attentive cleaning habits. After treatment, your teeth whitening results could last for months upon months if they’re optimised with attentive cleaning habits. With our use of the superior Enlighten teeth whitening system, you will receive whitening trays for home use, so you can boost your smile from the comfort of your own home.

Your smile could be boosted incredibly by teeth whitening, but we’d always recommend good cleaning habits to maintain your results. If you’re considering teeth whitening, contact us today on 01529 304 136 or enquire online to hear more about our services.

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