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How dental implants save your smile

When something happens that impairs your smile, a natural reaction is to stop smiling. Whether you’ve had an accident or injury which has caused you to lose a tooth, one of your teeth has been cracked or chipped, or even that you’ve had a tooth extracted, it’s likely you’ll feel self-conscious when smiling and perhaps stop. When this happens, are you aware of the extent to which you could be missing out on health, monetary and lifestyle benefits? Being able to smile frequently with confidence has been proven in many studies to make you more likely to be promoted at work, more likely to be lucky in love and even more likely to live longer! Let’s have a look at how dental implants can restore your smile and give you a renewed confidence in your facial appearance.


The health benefits of dental implants


Your jawbone relies on being stimulated by the roots of your teeth to remain healthy. Once you’ve lost a tooth, there’ll be no more stimulation on that part of your jawbone, until you have a dental implant fitted. (The titanium root on the implant behaves in the same way as a natural tooth root.) In the interim period, when no tooth is present, there’s an increased chance that the jawbone is likely to atrophy.


Not only is this disadvantageous for when you do decide to have a implant; because it makes the fitting procedure more invasive, but may also lead to you have a prematurely aged appearance.


A further health benefit of having an implant fitted as soon as possible following tooth loss, is that your remaining teeth won’t shift into the increased space and risk moving out of alignment. Unaligned teeth are more prone to cavities and your mouth more prone to gum disease, simply because you’ll have more hard to reach surfaces, making it more difficult for you to clean up all leftover food particles when you brush.


If you replace missing teeth with dental implants, your smile will look entirely natural. You’ll be able to eat in a more natural manner, without wearing your teeth on one side more than the other and any speech problems caused by the tooth loss, should also be corrected. The health benefits of having a single tooth implant or multiple implants fitted aren’t just physical. They’re psychological too. It’s like you’re giving yourself permission to smile again.



What renewed self confidence could do for your career


The renewed confidence in your smile won’t go unnoticed. In numerous surveys, employers have confessed that having an attractive smile and showing it off makes a difference when it come to choosing who gets promoted. A beautiful smile has also been proven to affect whether or not a candidate gets hired for a job in the first place too.


If you’re keen to utilise all the advantages restoring your smile will bring, please get in touch with our friendly, professional team here in Sleaford. We’ll be able to book you in for a consultation to discuss the tooth implant fitting process, expected recovery period and the impressive results you can hope to achieve. Please get in touch.

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